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Ramblings of a Emotional Fool

The True Story

21 June 1992
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My name is Austin and I'm an eccentric character. Oh, screw it! I'M OVER THE TOP!!! I'm the kinda person that enjoys living in the moment and finding fun in the strangest places.

When I'm not spending time with friends, I'm usually found playing one of my numerous instruments, or taking part in a dramatically related program of some sort. My life just isn't complete without me doing something at all times. When I'm not doing something I go INSANE!!!

I never really know what I'm feeling at one time... I change colors more often than most people and right now it's red... NO! Green... NO! Blue... you see? For style I love very minimal furnishings with a very basic color palette. I love my clothing style because it's something not everyone has. I can easily change my style with how I mix and match what I have... and I do!

In the early summer months you'll find me hunched over a sewing machine with a fabric swatch in one hand and an energy drink in the other. If you don't know me, I partake in the local Renaissance Festival and I put a lot into it. I'm hoping this year for my new costume in reds and blacks, and if the budget allows, velvets!!! Later in the summer, you'll find me in tights and in full Ren garb sweating out in the warm sun.

That's me and that's what I'm all about... at least that you know now... Get to know me and you'll find out loads more!!!